Training Courses.

QSA Global, Inc. is an ISO 9001 company with over 60 years of technical expertise in the conduct of radiography. Our multi-disciplined technical experts provide full-spectrum training to get you up and running and keep you running in any condition around the world.

Training courses are provided at QSA Global, Inc. facilities, locally by authorized distributors, or on-site by arrangement.


Inspection & Maintenance

In this course, you will be trained to maintain and inspect gamma-ray source projectors and accessories that are essential per 10 CFR 34 and 10 CFR 71 QA requirements. This course covers design, approvals, QA requirements, daily inspections, formal inspections and maintenance of gamma-ray systems.

Course Length: 16 Hours


Radiation Safety

Easy to understand lectures, demonstrations and hands-on training in all aspects of Industrial Radiography Radiation Safety as specified in paragraph (g) of 10CFR34.43.

Course Length: 40 Hours



Conduct or supervise the safe recovery of isotope radiography sources involved in accident or malfunction situations. This course covers cause and prevention, planning and assessment, exposure determination, shielding, and operational guidelines. The course includes a  practical lab session retrieving a low activity gamma source and a session for reporting and root cause determination.

Course Length: 24 Hours


Administrators Seminar

QSA Global, Inc.’s Administrators’ Seminar provides training for the management of Isotope Radiography Safety Programs. This seminar covers key aspects in the establishment and management of Isotope Radiography Programs to assure conformance to applicable regulations.  Specific emphasis is placed on current, proposed, and new regulations covering NRC, DOT, IAEA, and Agreement State Legislation.

Course Length: 16 Hours


Introduction to Instrument Calibration

The Introduction to Instrument Calibration is a one-day (8 Hours) course on considerations for calibrating instrumentation used for industrial radiography operations.  This course includes a laboratory session where attendees calibrate survey meters, direct-reading pocket dosimeters, EPDs and alarm rate-meters using a Cs-137 calibrator.

Course Length: 8 Hours