Tracerco™ RADIATION Survey Meters

Tracerco T402 Dose Rate Survey Meters.

With a lightweight design and robust and reliable housing, the Tracerco T402 handheld radiation dose rate monitor measures x-ray and gamma-ray dose rate and peak dose exposure. The T402 responds quickly and has an extended range for measurements up to 100 mSv/h (10 rem/hr).

This versatile, rugged, and high-performance dose rate monitor is ideally suited for a range of applications such as oil and gas, mining, nuclear, medical, and environmental and life sciences. With peak dose rate memory for recording maximum exposure levels and easy-to-use controls with a backlight display, the T402 is the perfect companion when using your 880 Series or 1075 SCARPro gamma-ray source projectors.

Tracerco T402 Dose Rate Radiation Monitor

T402  Handheld Dose Rate Monitor Specifications

Detector Single halogen, energy compensated Geiger Muller tube
Radiation Detected 59 keV to1332 keV
Dose Rate Range Bar graph display: 0-1,000 μSv/h
Digital numeric display: 0-10,000 μSv/h (0-1,000 mrem/h)
Accumulated Dose Range Digital numeric display: 0-10,000 μSv (0-1,000 mrem)
Peak Radiation Dose Rate Digital numeric display: 0-10,000 μSv (0-1,000 mrem)
Sensitivity Data 1.7 cps per μSv/hr (17 cps per mrem/hr)
Electrical Characteristics
Battery Standard 9V PP3 battery
Battery Life 100 hours typically with background radiation
Low Battery Indication On 4 hours battery life remaining
Variation with Battery Voltage Less than 1%
Mechanical Characteristics
Case Material Robust, chemical resistant polymers
Weight 1.1 lbs (500 g)
Variation with Temperature Less than 15% over operating temperature range
Ingress Protection Rating Rated IP65 (dust-tight and will withstand water jets)
Humidity Range 0 - 95%
Standard Compliance EU directives: 2004/108/EC Compatibility Directive

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