Radioactive Isotopes / Radiation Sources

Our high quality radioisotopes and sealed sources are used in a wide array of applications, including oil well logging, radioactive material analysis, non-destructive testing, and security imaging/inspection equipment. QSA provides international shipping logistics through our global network of exporters.

QSA Sources Division specializes in:

Benefits of QSA Radiation Sources

Radiation sources ship in high-integrity encapsulations, engineered for minimum attenuation of the emitted gamma radiation. Our radiation sources meet all application international regulatory safety requirements, including ISO 9001, and well logging specifications.

Please visit our turnkey services page to learn how QSA can seamlessly integrate cost-effective solutions such as management of project deadlines, source encapsulation design & repair, and contract manufacturing.

Radiation Sources Product Applications

  • NDT Devices
  • Oil Well Logging (OWL) Sources
  • Wellsite Analysis
  • Radioactive Material Analysis
  • Reference & Calibration
  • Industrial OEM Sources
  • Medical Sources
  • Industrial Gauging Sources