Iridium-192 Sealed Sources for Gamma Radiography.

  7 Questions to Ask Before Buying Ir-192

QSA Global, Inc. is the world-leading supplier of Iridium-192 (Ir-192) sealed radioisotope sources to the industrial gamma radiography industry. Our exclusive and diversified supply chain ensures a reliable, long-term supply of Ir-192 to our customers.

Our Ir-192 radioisotope sources are available up to 240 Ci (8.88 TBq) activity. Custom activities may be ordered to meet your specific application needs. 

QSA Global, Inc.’s Ir-192 radioisotope sources are double-encapsulated and laser welded for superior quality and safety. Natural and enriched Iridium-192 sources are constructed using iridium metal discs or pellets of uniform size in a welded stainless steel capsule.  Utilizing enriched Ir-192 produces smaller focal sizes for optimum image quality. 

Ir-192 is designated for use within the steel thickness range of  0.39 in-3.54 in (10 mm-90 mm) per ISO 5579:2013.

Ir-192 for Gamma Radiography Camera

Ir-192 in Gamma Radiography

Iridium is also used throughout the industrial gamma radiography industry to detect structural damage to metal parts. QSA Global, Inc.’s Ir-192 sealed radioactive sources are used to perform industrial gamma radiography on materials such as castings, forgings, and weld defects.  

Material Approximate Material Density Approximate Half-Value Thickness
Concrete 2.35 g/cm3 1.7 in (43.2 mm)
Steel 7.80 g/cm3 0.512 in (13.0 mm)
Lead 11.34 g/cm3 0.200 in (5.1 mm)
Tungsten 17.80 g/cm3 0.130 in (3.3 mm)
Gamma Energy Range 206-612 keV
Steel Thickness 0.39 in-3.54 in (10 mm to 90 mm)
Radioisotope Output

At 1 m per Ci (37 GBq): 0.48 R/hr (4.80 mSv/hr)
At 1 ft per Ci (37 GBq): 5.2 R/hr (52.0 mSv/hr)

Half-Life 74 days
Special Form Certification

USA/0392/S-96, USA/0179/S-96

Ir-192 Gamma-Ray Source Projectors

QSA Global, Inc.’s Ir-192 sealed sources and source assemblies were designed specifically for use in our Ir-192 gamma radiography source projectors.  Using QSA Global, Inc. radioisotope sources and approved accessories and following recommended maintenance guidelines is the most effective way to maximize the safety and reliability of your QSA Global, Inc. gamma radiography device.

Ir-192 radioisotopes are available for the following current and previous Ir-192 gamma-ray source projectors.

System Assembly Number Special Form Certificate Max Capacity


View Certificate 150 Ci
(5.55 TBq)
A424-9 View Certificate 50 Ci
(1.85 TBq)
880 Series Omega A424-9 View Certificate 15 Ci
(0.55 TBq)
959M SCAR 875 View Certificate 81 Ci
(3.00 TBq)
865 86520 View Certificate 240 Ci (8.88 TBq)
INC IR-100 87703   120 Ci (4.44 TBq)
SPEC-150® 969   150 Ci (5.55 TBq)
GammaMat TI Series 875XX   100 Ci (3.70 TBq)


Ir-192 Transportation, Support, & Disposition

Transporting Isotopes

QSA Global, Inc. distributes radioisotope sources worldwide by utilizing the industry’s largest fleet of source changers.  Source changers are available to deliver a single source up to ten sources in a container for device reloads at your facility or at one of QSA Global, Inc.'s authorized service centers.

Loading & Unloading

QSA Global, Inc. offers a variety of options for Ir-192 source changes to minimize downtime of your assets.  QSA Global, Inc. and our authorized distributors can reload your Ir-192 device at local facilities around the world by trained technicians or sources can be delivered directly to your facility for reload by your trained technicians.

Isotope Disposition

Radioactive materials that are no longer required must be transferred to a licensed recipient for final disposition. QSA Global, Inc. provides a one for one exchange on Ir-192 sealed radioisotope sources. 

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