Selenium-75 Sealed Sources for Gamma Radiography.

QSA Global, Inc.’s Se-75 sealed radioisotope sources are double-encapsulated and sealed using laser welding for superior quality and safety. Se-75 sources contain a quasi-spherical metallic pellet for the smallest possible focal dimension which minimizes Source-Film-Distance (SFD) and heightens sensitivity on fixed geometries.

Safety is our top priority. QSA Global, Inc. Se-75 sealed radioisotope sources are made of a patented vanadium-selenium metal alloy producing the highest possible thermal stability combined with physical strength and durability compared to commonly used elemental Se-75.  

QSA Global's Se-75 radioisotope sources are available in maximum focal sizes ranging from 1.4 mm to 3.9 mm and nominal activities up to 90 Ci. (3.33 TBq).

Our Se-75 sealed sources are designated for use within the steel thickness range of 0.20 in-1.57 in (5 mm-40 mm) per ISO 5579:2013.

Se-75 sealed sources next to the 1075 SCAR gamma radiography camera.

Se-75 in Gamma Radiography

QSA Global, Inc.’s Se-75 radioisotope sources are ideal for controlling the size of the exclusion zone during radiographic exposures at congested work sites. Se-75 radioisotope sources are used on off shore oil rigs and at power generation plants during outages to reduce non-occupational worker exposure.

Material Approximate Material Density Approximate Half-Value Thickness
Aluminum 2.65 g/cm3 1.100 in (27.0 mm)
Steel 7.80 g/cm3 0.315 in (8.0 mm)
Lead 11.34 g/cm3 0.039 in (1.0 mm)
Tungsten 17.80 g/cm3 0.032 in (0.8 mm)
Gamma Energy Range  66-401 keV
Steel Thickness 0.20 in-1.57 in (5 mm-40 mm)
Aluminum / Titanium 1.4 in-4.7 in (35 mm-120 mm)
Selenium-75 Half-Life 120 days
Special Form Certifications

USA/0502/S-96, USA/0335/S-96

Se-75 Gamma-Ray Source Projectors

Small, light-weight Se-75 exposure devices can be used in difficult to access locations that x-ray generators cannot go due to their size, weight, and power requirements. 

Se-75 sealed sources are the preferred isotope for our SCAR exposure devices to enable the safety exclusion zone at worksites to be minimized during radiographic exposures in congested areas.

QSA Global, Inc.’s Se-75 sealed radioisotope sources are also designed for use in our 880 Series projectors for traditional radiography.  


System Assembly Number Special Form Certificate Max Capacity


View Certificate 81 Ci (3.00 TBq)


View Certificate 150 Ci (5.55 TBq)
A424-25W View Certificate 150 Ci  (5.55 TBq)
A424-25W View Certificate 80 Ci (3.00 TBq)
959M SCAR X540/1 View Certificate 81 Ci (3 TBq)
989 SCAR X540/1 View Certificate 20 Ci (740 GBq)

Se-75 Transportation,  Support, & Disposition

Transporting Isotopes

QSA Global, Inc. distributes radioisotope sources worldwide by utilizing the industry’s largest fleet of source changers.  Source changers are available to deliver a single source up to ten sources in a container for device reloads at your facility or at one of QSA Global, Inc.'s authorized service centers.

Loading & Unloading

QSA Global, Inc. offers a variety of options for Se-75 source changes to minimize downtime of your assets.  QSA Global, Inc. and our authorized distributors can reload your Se-75 device at local facilities around the world by trained technicians or sources can be delivered directly to your facility for reload by your trained technicians.

Isotope Disposition

Radioactive materials that are no longer required must be transferred to a licensed recipient for final disposition. QSA Global, Inc. provides a one for one exchange on Se-75 sealed radioisotope sources. 


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