OpenVision DX Software Release Notes.

OpenVision™ DX software enables recording of high-resolution still images and videos directly onto OpenVision DX’s internal storage or remotely from the wireless monitor.  Review images and videos in real-time or download them for integration into client reports. 

Below you will find the OpenVision DX software revision history. You may also sign up to receive software update notifications via email. 

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OpenVision DX V3.3

Released November 23, 2021

Added important updates including:

  • improved Wi-Fi stability
  • x-ray tube safety features
  • memory and performance enhancements including improved data management with user-defined media titling sequences

OpenVision DX V3.2

Released November 13, 2021

Improved support for Wi-Fi viewing capabilities and repaired knowns bugs.

OpenVision DX V3.1

Released December 21, 2020

Added new features including:

  • a new user interface
  • frame rate control
  • temperature monitoring
  • video-stitching capability
  • Improved support for the Wi-Fi tablet

OpenVision DX V3.0

Released January 6, 2019

We listened to your feedback and are excited to release a new version of the OpenVision DX software encompassing many important updates, including :

  • WiFi capability
  • memory and performance enhancements
  • improved data filtering
  • recovery mechanisms