OpenVision™ HD Real-Time Radiography X‑Ray System.

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Reduce CUI inspection and maintenance costs with rapid visual screening and highly accurate results.

OpenVision HD is a handheld real-time radiography x-ray system that helps radiographers quickly screen insulated piping systems for indications of corrosion, such as pitting, scaling, external wall loss, and wet insulation.  It can also be used for heat trace and weld location mapping.

We designed OpenVision HD with aircraft-grade aluminum housings and stainless steel reinforced joints for long term use in demanding environments.. It's ideal for screening  piping systems with common insulation and cladding. 


Features that Maximize your Probability of Detection



    CMOS advanced imaging technology produces high-contrast, high-resolution images and videos that reveal small CUI defects and subtle changes in material density, making it easier to detect the early stages of CUI.

  • OpenVisionHD-feature-stabilizer

    Get Consistent Data

    An optional image stabilizer provides stable in-motion inspection to reduce operator fatigue, ensure consistent, reliable data from start to finish, and reduce wear and tear in C-arm components.

  • OpenVisionHD-feature-ergonomic-handles


    New handles have multiple mounting points on the C-arm and an integrated trigger to enhance ergonomics, prevent operator fatigue, simplify operation, and maximize your productivity.

  • OpenVisionHD-feature-minimize-downtime


    Folding the c-arm minimizes opportunities for damage when moving around the plant in areas like scaffolding or ropes.

  • OpenVisionHD-feature-extendable-c-arm


    The extendable detector arm helps you access difficult inspection points in complex piping systems.

    Easy to Interpret Visual Data

    Make the right call every time with high-definition visual data that’s easy to interpret. Real-time images and videos help inspectors immediately identify the exact location and extent of any CUI present so you can prioritize your next steps and allocate resources more efficiently.

    Designed for Reliability

    OpenVision HD was designed with the same high-quality, durable hardware and mechanical components QSA Global, Inc. is known for.

    C-Arm 16 lb (7.2 kg)
    Wired Monitor 2 lb (0.9 kg)
    Shipping Weight 50 lb (23 kg)
    Startup ~30 sec
    Shutdown ~5 sec
    Operating -20 to 120 °F (-29 to 49 °C)
    Storage -20 to 140 °F (-29 to 60 °C)
    X-RAY OUTPUT AT 12 IN (30.5 CM)
    Low Voltage: 40 kV
    Current: 0.300 mA
    Output: 50 R/hr (0.5 Sv/hr)
    Medium Voltage: 55 kV
    Current: 0.218 mA
    Output: 80 R/hr (0.8 Sv/hr)
    High Voltage: 70 kV
    Current: 0.171 mA
    Output: 95 R/hr (0.95 Sv/hr)
    Pixel Pitch: 74.8 μm
    Pixel Matrix: 1944 X 1536
    Sensitive Area: 5.72 x 4.52 in (145.4 x 114.9 mm)
    Grayscale: 16 Bit
    BATTERY LIFE (5 Ah Battery)
    2 Hours Continuous Duty Cycle
    3 Hours Standby
    HDMI Monitor: 7 in (17.5 cm) LED
    WiFi Tablet: 10 in (25.4 cm)
    PirateEye: HUD
    Internal: 128 GB
    WiFi Tablet: 128 GB
    System Resolution: 1280 × 720
    File Transfer: USB
    ANSI/HPS N43.5-2005 (R.2013)
    ISTA 3A Over-the-Road Vibration Standard
    MIL-STD-810, Method 514, Annex C, Cat 4
    FDA Accession #: 2380041-000

    Get Up To Speed Fast

    Oil & gas companies want to feel confident in your technician’s ability to perform real-time radiography. The two-day OpenVision Training Course ensures they can.

    Learn to safely perform real-time radiography and accurately analyze CUI and its precursors. This course covers radiation safety, how to quickly screen insulated piping systems with OpenVision, weld mapping, and heat trace location. 

    Upon successfully passing the written and practical exams, students will receive a training certificate confirming their proficiency in the OpenVision Method.



    Learn More.

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