Oil Well Logging Sealed Radioactive Sources.


QSA Global, Inc. has over 60 years of experience developing and manufacturing thousands of sealed radioactive sources for major oil well logging (OWL) companies worldwide, including Schlumberger®, Halliburton®, Weatherford®, Baker Hughes®, and numerous independent tool manufacturers.

Our OWL sources are rugged and designed for downhole use, resulting in fast, precise measurements in Wireline and Measurement While Drilling (MWD or LWD) applications.

Isotope Radiation Type Measurement Activity Range
Am-241 / Be Neutron Source Porosity 3-20 Ci
(111-740 GBq)
Cs-137 High Energy Gamma Source Density Up to 2.5 Ci
(93 GBq)
* Cf-252 and KUth calibrators also available
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Experts in Custom OWL Source Design


When you need a custom design for your bull plug or pressure vessel, QSA Global, Inc.'s technical experts are here to guide you through your unique production needs. For example, we can provide recommendations on superior materials that are better suited for high temperature, high pressure, and corrosive environments.

QSA Global, Inc. also provides technical guidance on capsule dimensions, interface, assembly, and specific handling features and tailors them to your preferences and needs.

OWL Sealed Source FAQs


OWL Sealed Source Integrity Testing


QSA Global, Inc.'s oil well logging sealed radioactive sources are manufactured with superior materials, such as MP35N high-performance alloy for outstanding durability, corrosion resistance, and extremely high tensile strength. We can also manufacture sources capsules from 17-4 PH stainless steel offering magnetic properties along with high strength and corrosion resistance. Our sealed radioactive sources are tested according to ISO 2919/ANSI N43.6 standards. We can perform high-pressure testing up to 60,000 PSI (414 MPa), which is well beyond the class 6 pressure requirement of 24,656 PSI (170 MPa).  We can also perform temperature testing to the maximum class 6 requirement of 800° C for 1 hour.  The following are just a few of the tests we perform:

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Our multi-disciplined technical experts are here to help you find the right Oil Well Logging sealed radioactive sources to achieve fast, precise measurements in your Wireline and Measurement While Drilling (MWD or LWD) applications.

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Disposition Services.

Radioactive materials that are no longer required must be transferred to a licensed recipient for final disposition. QSA Global, Inc. can provide all the services needed for the disposition of your OWL sealed sources.

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Formerly known as Amersham Corporation and AEA Technology, QSA Global, Inc. is the original equipment manufacturer of Am-241/Be, Cs-137, Cf-252, and KUth oil well logging  sealed radioactive sources.