SENTINEL™ 880 Series Gamma-Ray Source Projectors.

Experience extreme durability, simple operation, and low operator dose.

With over 12,000 in service worldwide from Alaska’s North Slope to harsh Middle East desert environments, the SENTINEL 880 Series has two decades of proven reliability and durability giving you the most uptime from your equipment and maximum production for your clients.  

The versatility in using Ir-192, Se-75, and Yb-169 radioisotope sources maximizes the non-destructive testing applications where you can utilize your SENTINEL 880 Series projector while advanced safety features minimize operator dose.

Designed, tested, and manufactured to the requirements of ANSI N432-1980, ISO 3999:2004(E), IAEA TS-R-1 (2009), IAEA SSR-6 (2012), USNRC 10CFR34, USNRC 10CFR71, and USDOT 49CFR173.

SENTINEL 880 Series Radiography Camera

Designed for Safety & Productivity


  • Easy to Operate

    Easily and reliably connect your SENTINEL Guide Tube and  Remote Controls.

  • Minimize Operator Dose

    A patented guide tube interlock ensures the tungsten shutter shields the operator while connecting the source guide tube.

  • Secure Source

    The robust lock slide and remote controls interface ensure the source is secured.

Consistently Reliable

For over two decades, the SENTINEL 880 Series has delivered consistent, reliable results to the radiography industry.  Hear how non-destructive testing service providers and asset owners of every size, shape, and kind have chosen the SENTINEL 880 Series as their preferred device for gamma radiography.

For the last 10 years, we are using only sentinel equipment. In these 10 years, we did not face any source stuck case and [are] thankful for this. The 880 is easy to operate even for new technicians [and] the reliability and low maintenance cost has helped us achieve our goals


We have been in the radiography industry for more than 10 years. Throughout all these years we have used multiple products from different companies. However, SENTINEL 880 Series is the BEST ever. Well manufactured tools and devices with high quality and good reliability.


QSA Global provides simple and clear manuals and introduces any new equipment to the users through theoretical & practical sessions either directly or via the distributor. [Our favorite feature of the 880 Series is] the locking mechanism, because it's simple & very safe.


Extreme Durability

In harsh and sometimes remote industrial environments, gamma radiography is valued for its simplicity and reliability. The SENTINEL™ 880 Series gamma-ray source projectors consistently deliver in any condition. 


Compare SENTINEL 880 Series Gamma-Ray Source Projectors

SENTINEL 880 Series Delta Gamma-Ray Source Projector

SENTINEL 880 Series Delta

The most preferred gamma-ray source projector on the market.

Ir-192 150 Ci (5.55 TBq)
Se-75  150 Ci ( 5.55 TBq)
Yb-169 108 Ci (4.00 TBq)
Weight 52 lb (23.6 kg)
Transport Type B(U) package
SENTINEL 880 Series Elite Gamma-Ray Source Projector

SENTINEL 880 Series Elite

Ideal for use with low-energy isotopes and lower Ir-192 activity.

Ir-192 50 Ci (1.85 TBq)
Se-75  150 Ci ( 5.55 TBq)
Yb-169 108 Ci (4.00 TBq)
Weight 42 lb (19.0 kg)
Transport Type B(U) package
SENTINEL 880 Series Omega Gamma-Ray Source Projector

SENTINEL 880 Series Omega

Best suited for offshore applications and countries with strict regulations.

Ir-192 15 Ci (0.55 TBq)
Se-75  80 Ci (3.00 TBq)
Yb-169 108 Ci (4.00 TBq)
Weight 33 lb (15.0 kg)
Transport Type A package


SENTINEL™ 880 Series gamma-ray source projectors are designed, manufactured, and approved for use with  authorized SENTINEL radioisotope sources, controls, guide tubes, and collimators. 

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Learn more about the 880 Series gamma-ray camera:

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  • adobe-acrobat-file-512x512-white-and-red-adobe-pdf-png-clipart 880 Series Type B(U) Certificate
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