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1075 SCAR Pro

SENTINELTM Model 1075 SCARPro source projector is used for industrial non-destructive testing applications of gamma radiography with Selenium-75. SCARProcan be used as a category I or II exposure device. When used in SCAR mode (category I), the SCARProallows radiography to be performed in congested work areas with a minimal distance to the controlled areas.  When used as a traditional projector (category II), standard SENTINELTM source guide tubes and collimators allow the Selenium-75 source to be used for axial, radial and panoramic exposures.

Exposure Device
Model 1075 SCARPro is a dual mode radiographic exposure device for Small Controlled Area Radiography and traditional projection radiography.

An interchangeable collimator with a 90o incremental adjustment enables safe radiography in areas congested with workers.

A standard guide tube attachment with an ISO compliant interlock enables traditional axial and radial projection radiography.

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(22.45 cm) 11.20 in


(14.99 cm) 5.90 in


(18.54 cm) 7.30 in

Weight with Jacket

(13.61 kg) 30 lb

Weight without Jacket

(12.25 kg) 27 lb

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