OpenVision Method: Detect and Prevent Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) .

The OpenVision Method is a non-destructive testing (NDT) method that uses real-time radiography to quickly scan insulated piping systems for indications of corrosion or corrosion precursors, weld mapping, and heat trace location - without stripping insulation.  The OpenVision Method was developed over a decade ago in Alaska to perform fast radiographic scans of insulated piping systems and identify CUI issues. 

"With something fast like OpenVision, you can cover a lot of linear footage in a shift, in a day, in a week, in a month. This allows you to do scans more frequently and as needed.” ~Mark Susich,  Former Above Region Pressure Systems Integrity Discipline Leader at BP

What are your CUI challenges?

OpenVision Method for CUI
OpenVision Method Visual Inspection- Corroded Pipe-Center

Visual CUI inspection - without stripping insulation.

The OpenVision Method is a visual, radiographic method that does not require the removal of cladding or insulation for CUI inspection. It uses live video x-ray to provide inspectors with a clear, safe, non-damaging assessment of the external pipe surface. The OpenVision Method detects moderate to severe corrosion and indications of corrosion such as wet insulation, pitting, and scaling on insulated piping without removing any insulation. This visual non-destructive approach makes the OpenVision Method one of the most preferred NDT methods for CUI inspection in refineries and petrochemical plants worldwide.

What are your CUI challenges?

Screen large amounts of piping fast

The OpenVision Method uses a portable x-ray system and advanced software with digital imaging so you can view images and video in real-time. No mechanical probe adjustments are needed over wide dimensional ranges resulting in significantly less operational downtime and faster results. Reduced downtime means you save money on the radiography process. Other advantages of the OpenVision Method include portability, rapid deployment, straightforward interpretation, and traceability to help engineers inspect and analyze large amounts of piping in a fraction of the time.

What are your CUI challenges?


Maximize Probability of Detection

CUI can be very localized, with much of the insulated piping remains in good condition. Methods that rely on sample inspections are unlikely to find all corrosion issues. If neglected, corrosion deteriorates the pipe's wall thickness (i.e., wall loss), leading to loss of structural integrity, product loss, and in extreme cases, ruptures and explosions.

Using the OpenVision Method, technicians can inspect hundreds of feet (many tens of meters) of insulated piping to quickly identify localized issues such as scaling, external wall loss, and wet insulation. The OpenVision Method can accurately identify external defects as small as 0.010-inch (250 μm) on insulated piping.

What are your CUI challenges?

Perform Precise Weld Location Mapping

Many methods for weld location mapping require the removal of a section of insulation and are subject to false indications caused by pipe supports, wet insulation, and the possibility of a corroded or irregular pipe surface.

With live video x-ray and still and targeted digital images, the OpenVision Method precisely and accurately displays weld locations, without any insulation stripping, and is faster than any other method.

What are your CUI challenges?


Safer for Operators and Workers

The OpenVision Method is a form of real-time radiography that uses a digital x-ray system with highly collimated x-rays and specially designed shielding to reduce the radiation footprint to a few feet. This small radiation footprint dramatically reduces the operator dose and minimizes the impact on ongoing plant operations compared to conventional x-ray or gamma radiography methods.

What are your CUI challenges?

refinery workers

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What are your CUI challenges?

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