Californium-252 (Cf-252) Neutron Sources for Nuclear Start-Up & Fuel Scanners.

We also offer Industrial Cf-252 Neutron Sources

QSA Global, Inc. manufactures premium quality Cf-252 neutron sources for Nuclear Start-Up Rod Assemblies (NSA), Primary Neutron Sources (PNS), and Fuel Scanning applications. We have a long history, spanning several decades, designing and manufacturing custom reactor Cf-252 neutron start-up and fuel scanner sources for many nuclear power plants and fuel manufacturers worldwide, including Westinghouse®, GE®, and Framatome®.

Our Cf-252 neutron sources are available in single or double encapsulation and in many different sizes and activities to meet your specific needs.

Activity Up to 3 mg (1.6 Ci / 60 GBq)
Neutron Output Up to 6.9 X 109 n/s
Half-Life (T1/2) 2.645 Years
ISO/ANSI Standard ISO 2919/ANSI N43.6
Cf-252 neutron source for nuclear fuel scanning

Exceptional Expertise in Custom Cf-252 Design


QSA Global, Inc. has over 40 years of experience developing and manufacturing Cf-252 neutron sources for major nuclear power plants worldwide. Our engineers collaborate with you to understand and meet your neutron output specifications and tolerances. We also provide technical guidance on isotopic and thermal requirements, capsule dimensions, interface, assembly, and handling features. 

Capsule Code: X224

US Model #: CVN.CY6
Double Encapsulated 304L Stainless Steel
Special Form Certificate USA/0647/S-96
ISO/ANSI Rating C64545

Capsule Code: X1094

US Model #: N/A
Single Encapsulated 304L Stainless Steel
Special Form Certificate USA/0646/S-96
ISO/ANSI Rating C64444

Capsule Code: X9085

US Model #: N/A
Double Encapsulated 316L Stainless Steel
Special Form Certificate USA/0619/S-96
ISO/ANSI Rating C66544

Capsule Code: X2107

US Model #: CVN.CY13
Double Encapsulated 316L Stainless Steel
Special Form Certificate USA/0639/S-96
ISO/ANSI Rating C64544

Capsule Code: X33

US Model #: CVN.CY3
Double Encapsulated 316L Stainless Steel
Special Form Certificate USA/0646/S-96
ISO/ANSI Rating C66545

Numerous Handling Features


QSA Global, Inc. offers several handling options so you can unload your Cf-252 neutron sources from the Type A container quickly and safely, including:

  • Threaded rods
  • Magnetic eyelets
  • Eyelets for attaching wires or string
Cf-252 X224 Neutron Source with Eyelet

Outstanding Customer Support from Planning to Delivery


Cf-252 source procurement for reactor start-up companies involves many steps that can span years. QSA Global, Inc. understands this journey well and can support you from the initial concepts through delivery and long after.

When it is time to ship your Cf-252 neutron sources, we distribute them worldwide by utilizing the industry's largest fleet of Type A source containers with capacities up to 5 mg (2.7 Ci / 100 GBq). Our containers can be used in vertical or horizontal configurations depending on your loading and unloading requirements.


Cf-252 Neutron Source FAQs


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Disposition Services?

Radioactive materials that are no longer required must be transferred to a licensed recipient for final disposition. QSA Global, Inc. can provide all the services needed for the disposition of Cf-252 scanner sources.

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Formerly known as Amersham Corporation and AEA Technology, QSA Global, Inc. is the original equipment manufacturer of Am-241, Am-241/Be, Cf-252, Cs-137, and Co-60 industrial sealed radioactive sources.