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SENTINEL Ir-192 and Se-75 Radioisotopes with a SENTINEL 880 Delta Gamma Ray Source Projector

Satisfying Worldwide Radioisotope Demand.

QSA Global, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of high performance Am-241, AmBe, Cf-252, Cs-137, Co-60, and KUth for the Oil Well Logging, Industrial Gauging & Analysis, and Nuclear Industries, and the world-leading supplier of SENTINEL™ Iridium-192 (Ir-192), Selenium (Se-75), and Cobalt-60 (Co-60) sealed radioisotope sources to the industrial gamma radiography industry.

Our exclusive and diversified supply chain ensures a reliable, long-term supply of industrial radioisotopes to our customers. We distribute radioisotope sources worldwide by utilizing the industry’s largest fleet of source changers.  Source changers are available to deliver a single source up to ten sources in a container for device reloads at your facility or at one of QSA Global, Inc.'s authorized service centers.

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Non-Destructive Testing.


QSA Global, Inc.'s technical experts are multi-disciplined, allowing them to advise on radiography methods and techniques, how to use the devices safely and productively for a particular application, and provide regulatory support to keep customers out of trouble. We provide full-spectrum training to get operators up and running and keep them running in any condition around the world.


QSA Global, Inc. is the original equipment manufacturer of every part that is used in creating our devices. We invest in quality parts and pair it with our technical expertise to ensure everything pieces together perfectly creating high-quality, safe, reliable devices.


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    "We have been in the radiography industry for more than 10 years. Throughout all these years we have used multiple products from different companies. However, SENTINEL 880 Series is the BEST ever. Well manufactured tools and devices with high quality and good reliability."