Source Projector Servicing

Your gamma radiography source projector should be regularly inspected and maintained. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission in 10 CFR 34.31 specifies that the licensee shall check for obvious defects in radiographic exposure devices, storage containers, and source changers prior to equipment use. Additionally, the
licensee shall conduct a program or inspection and maintenance of radiographic exposure devices, storage container, and source changers at intervals not to exceed three months or prior to the first use thereafter. Inspection and maintenance records of these programs are to be kept for three years.

QSA Global, Inc. can provide inspection and maintenance service for source projectors that are sent to our Burlington or Baton Rouge facilities.
The service includes:
•A complete inspection to check for any wear in moving components or safety interlocks
•Repainting and provision of new labels when appropriate
•Provision of a dated inspection and maintenance certificate

An inspection will normally be carried out during a source exchange at no extra cost, and we will inform you of any faults found and estimated cost to repair or service. Full service, maintenance and certification is only provided at your request and is available for any source projector sent to us whether loaded or empty.

Survey Meter Calibration

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission in 10 CFR 34.25 specifies that each radiation survey instrument shall be calibrated at intervals not to exceed six months. Also, after each instrument servicing, a record shall be maintained of the results of each instrument calibration and date thereof for three years after the date of calibration.

QSA Global, Inc. performs the survey meter calibrations at our Baton Rouge facility, and issues the appropriate calibration certificate. Any repairs or replacement parts would be charged extra at prevailing rates.

Leak Testing

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission in 10 CFR 34.27 states that each sealed source shall be tested for leakage at intervals not to exceed 6 months, and testing of ‘S’ tube devices is not to exceed 12 months. The leak test shall be capable of detecting the presence of 0.005 microcuries (5 nanocuries) of removable contamination.

QSA Global, Inc. provides a leak test kit which enables wipe tests to be obtained locally without the need to send the source/projector to a service facility. The kit contains full instructions and the consumables necessary for the test. Test samples are returned by mail to our service facilities for analysis and a report is mailed to the user.

Emergency Service

QSA Global, Inc. will provide qualified field technicians in the event of a radiological emergency. Personnel experienced in source retrieval and decontamination processes are available.

Field Service

Our trained service technician will visit your facility or work-site to perform equipment inspection and maintenance. This is normally arranged as part of quarterly, biannual or annual maintenance of equipment. There is a minimum daily charge, plus expenses, replacement parts and reciprocity fees where applicable.