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Teletector 6112M & 6150 ADT

The Teletector 6112M and 6150ADT (consists of 6150AD5/6 and 6150AD-t) are microprocessor controlled dose rate meters with a telescope to measure gamma radiation and to detect beta radiation. Two GM counting tubes serve as detectors. The stainless steel telescope can be continuously extended to more than four meters.

  • Stainless steel telescope extendable up to 13 ft (4 m)
  • Wide dose rate range with automatic range switching
  • Illuminated LCD with analog and digital display
  • Storage up to 450 records


  • Earphone
  • PC Cable
  • Data Processing Software
  • Probe Cover
  • Aluminum Case


  • Energy Range: 45 keV to 1.3 MeV
  • Dose Measurement Range: 1 µR to 999 R (10 µSv to 9.99 Sv)
  • Dose-RateMeasurementRange: 1 µR/h to 999 R/h (10 µSv/h to 9.99 Sv/h)
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