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The JME Portable Betatron is a compact circular electron accelerator producing a high energy directional X-Ray beam. Containing no moving parts except small airflow fans, and no circulating liquids, the Betatron is easy to assemble, operate and maintain.

Interlock able to safety systems or supplied with a stand alone audio visual warning system. The Betatron produces radiographs of very high contrast, sensitivity and resolution, meeting the tightest inspection standards.

It replaces cobalt isotope gamma sources, which may not give acceptable quality and require costly periodic replenishment.


PXB9 Proposed Technical Specification
X-Ray output energy 9MeV
Dose rate @ 1m (air) > 20R per minute
Focal spot size 0.3 x 3.0 mm
Duty cycle at 20°C (per hour) TBA
Radiation beam spread angle 20°
Radiographic sensitivity TBA
AC power input 220/380V 50/60Hz
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