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12:CR2 Gamma Crawler

JME is proud to offer its Gamma Pipeline Solution for customers using this technology for their radiographic butt weld inspection. This solution is suitable for the inspection of circumferential butt welds in new build pipelines with a diameter from 12” to 48”. This product offers the precision engineering and reliability that JME is renowned for, integrating with the SENTINELTM 880 Delta gamma projector.

With its exceptional build quality, reliability and dealer network, combining the gamma head with JME’s crawler chassis gives users the confidence to take on any inspection task. Our complete Gamma pipeline solution will be delivered ready for loading with an appropriate source, this is supplied locally and can be reloaded as required using service centres. The coupling mechanism for the Projector is designed to be simple to use, making it very easy to remove the unit for secure overnight storage.

This versatile system can be converted from Gamma to X-ray with only minor mechanical amendments, providing companies with the ability to operate under a variety of inspection standards. The common chassis and control box allows for a seamless transformation, all that is required is an X-Ray tube and appropriate specification assembly package. All JME Gamma Actuators are designed with safety in mind. All of the manufacturers safety interlocks remain in-situ during loading and travel within the pipe. They also have both electrical and mechanical fail-safe features for complete peace of mind.

Additional information

Weight (Excluding X-Ray Tube)

233.69lbs (112kg)

Overall Length (Excluding X-ray Tube)

5.48ft (1930mm)

Optimum Tube Current

2-3 milliamps

Focal Spot Size

1.5 x 5mm

Gamma source

120 Ci Iridium 192

Power Source

Sealed Lead Acid Batteries (120v)

Battery Capacity

24 Amp Hours

Motor Rating

185W continuous (0.25HP)

Travel Speed

up to 11.81”/sec (0.3m/sec)


Contoured High Traction Rubber



Mean Positioning Accuracy (15° slope)

Plus or Minus 5mm

Maximum Angle of Climb (Optimum Conditions)

≤ 20° / 36.4%

Ambient Operating Temperature

-20° to +70° C