QSA Global, Inc. has a worldwide reputation for quality, reliability and safety. We are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations by providing high quality radiation sources, NDT products, digital products, and security X-ray systems.

We specialize in supplying high quality, high performance radiation sources used in non-destructive test devices, oil well logging (OWL), industrial processes, and medical research. With over 100 years in organizational experience, we distinguish ourselves as leading experts in radiation source encapsulation, sealed source distribution, and turnkey services.

Our global network of export specialists and brokers gives customers the expertise they need when trying to solve challenging logistics issues. A comprehensive quality control process guarantees our industrial and medical sources meet or exceed all industry standards, including United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC) regulations.

We provide radiation sources used in a wide variety of testing and measurement applications, specializing in non destructive testing but also including x-ray florescence, neutron activation analysis, thickness/level/mass/flow gauging, oil well logging, reactor startup, and security imaging & inspection.


QSA is an industry pioneer in researching and developing radiation sources, dating back to our inclusion in the UK’s Radiochemical Center during the early 1950s. During this time, QSA developed original radiation source designs for industrial and medical research; these designs are now industry standards.

We later became a leading business division within UK-based Amersham plc before partnering with AEA Technology plc. Throughout the 1980s, we were known as Amersham’s Industrial Products. In the early 1990s, we became Amersham’s Quality and Safety Assurance products for industry business.

Our long history in the sealed source industry and association with leading pharmaceutical companies, coupled with AEA Technology’s innovative delivery of solutions to customers, has resulted in QSA’s state-of-the-art source technology and encapsulation design expertise.

We have developed systems and processes specifically tuned to customer’s needs. From simple medical isotopes to highly complex devices, QSA has been at the forefront delivering solutions to the test and measurement industry.